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Take Back Control of Your Life: Escaping The Reactionary State of Living: Part 1

Take Back Control of Your Life: Escaping The Reactionary State of Living: Part 1

3:47AM:  You open your eyes.  You roll over and grab your phone.  2 hours & 13 minutes until your alarm goes off.  You think to yourself “I hope that I don’t sleep through my alarm.  I just can’t oversleep.  If I’m late for work again, then I might lose my job.  Oh, crap!  Those expense reports are due first by lunch tomorrow and I haven’t even started them!”

5:57AM:  After tossing & turning for over 2 hours you decide to get up….nah…you didn’t sleep that well.  You will wait until the alarm goes off.

6AM:  Alarm goes off.  You hit snooze.

6:07AM:  You hit snooze again.

6:14AM:  Your sheets feel so good… more snooze alarm!

6:21AM:  You finally get up.  Breakfast was on the agenda, but you have to get those expense reports done by lunch.  You start working on the expense reports until it is time to shower.

7:22AM:  You have a 45 minute commute and have to be to work by 8AM.  Lunch is out of the question.  You’re going to be late, you have a report due by lunch AND you’re going to be late for work….again.  You grab a banana and you’re out the door.

8:11AM:  Traffic was brutal and stressed you out, but hey you were able to vent all your frustrations out on others on the road.  3 birds were flipped, 2 fists shaken, 14 obscenities were screamed, and 2 cars were cut off.  Yeah….you showed ‘em who’s boss!

11:57AM:  Pheww!!  That report is done.  You get it to your boss who is happy that the report is completed and appears to be of high quality.  Of course, he better be happy.  You just spent the last 3+ hours sweating bullets, hyperventilating, and fighting a tension headache to make sure that you got the report to him by lunch time.

12:14PM:  You didn’t have time to pack a lunch because you were running behind this morning.  Of course, you could go to Whole Foods and get a salad bar, but Jeff & Brett from sales want to go to T.G.I. Friday’s so you tag along.  You get an appetizer and a beer to reward yourself for getting through such a stressful morning.

4:06PM:  Time to pack up and call it a day.  You’ve got to get to the gym so you can be beach ready for summer!

4:37PM:  You get to the gym.  Throw on your workout gear, pop on your Beats headphones, and you’re ready to perform at your best….your “best” being the “best” that the banana, beer, and chicken nachos will fuel your body.

5:23PM:  You feel absolutely drained 33 minutes into your workout, but you’ll be damned if you quit.  So you turn that treadmill up from 6 mph to 7mph and promise yourself 10 more minutes.

5:33PM:  You’re done with the workout!  You pushed your body to it’s limit!  Now it is time to go home and have dinner.

5:51PM:  Making dinner sounds like such a job right now.  “I’m just going to get some Chinese” you tell yourself.

6:43PM:  You sit down to eat your dinner & turn on some Netflix to keep yourself entertained while you enjoy your dinner. In a matter of 5 minutes, you finish your dinner & after finishing that first episode of Breaking Bad you’re more tired than you thought.  Before you know it…..

8:12PM:  Wh…wha..what?!?!  You fell asleep!

8:13PM:  You continue to binge watch Netflix.

10:37PM:  You realize that you probably should go to bed now so that you can be a productive human being tomorrow at work…..but, first let’s catch 1 more episode of Breaking Bad.

11:45PM:  After you check Facebook on your phone last time before calling it a night, you turn out the lights, curl up in your sheets, and get ready for what you hope is a restful night’s sleep.

The individual highlighted in the story, do they sound like they have a good handle on the structure of their day?  Yeah, not so much.  Does this example remind you of yourself?  Or maybe a loved one?  There’s no shame in saying “yes” to the questions above.  We’ve all been there, and to be honest time management is something that I’m still working on in my own life.  Stay tuned for part 2 in this series as we breakdown how to conquer this reactionary state by implementing what is called a “pattern interrupt”.

The goal is to not live reactively, but pro-actively.  Get ready to take charge of your own life!

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