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Take Back Control of Your Life: Escaping The Reactionary State of Living Part 3

Take Back Control of Your Life: Escaping The Reactionary State of Living Part 3

In part 1 of this series, we took a look at a very real example of someone who lives very much in a reactionary state.

Part 2 took a look at how to create change through using pattern interrupts.

Part 3 of this series will discuss how to create a game plan, both for the short-term and long-haul, so that you can continue to make progress and achieve the majority of things that you set out to accomplish in life.

The first thing that your life needs is structure.  Think of structure as a ticket to create more freedom in your life; not a burden that creates monotony.  To create more structure in my own life, I utilized what Craig Ballantyne dubs in his book “The Perfect Day Formula”* as “the 5 pillars for the perfect day”.

*Side note:  I get ZERO kickback from mentioning Craig’s book.  I read it, and found it very helpful with getting a better grasp on my own life.  Anytime I mention another book, product, etc. know that I am not an affiliate, and if I am, then I will fully disclose. 

What are those 5 pillars?

  • Planning & preparation – I have found implementing the following strategies and tools have been incredibly helpful with creating more clarity and structure for me.  I have successfully used / implemented:

-the daily / weekly productivity planner from

-90 day goal setting

-marketing / advertising calendar on an Excel spreadsheet that I created (if you would like it, then let me know and I can shoot it over to you.  It’s really easy to modify to your own personal life)

-John Lee Dumas’s “The Mastery Journal” (haven’t officially used this yet, but it just arrived in the mail today so I’m hyped to start up!)

Do you have to utilize any of those strategies or tools?  Absolutely not!  Find what works for you.  Other strategies and tools include writing a personal vision (Ari Weinzweig has written some excellent material on visioning here), simply using a piece of paper and writing out the 2-3 big task that you plan on to knock out the following day, or piecing together your schedule on your Google calendar (or whatever electronic schedule that you use).

  • Professional accountability – this one has been a HUGE part of my life; both giving and receiving. Think about it.  If you want to get a better grasp on your finances, then do you think you will have better success on your own, or by hiring a qualified, professional financial planner that is invested in your success?  If you want to get in the best shape of your life, do you think you will have more success on your own, or by hiring a certified, pro trainer who has had tons of success helping others achieve goals similar to yours?  I can personally attest the value in hiring a pro that is either where you want to be AND knows how to get you to where you want to be.


I can personally vouch on how much of a difference this has made in my life and continues to make as I work with my own life & business coach, and have another coach (Dan Allison over at PowR Performance in Plymouth) writing my own training programs.


  • Social support, harness the power of people

Surround yourself with either like-minded individuals, or people that are going to fully support you in your journey.  Your chances of success rise dramatically.  Cut out those that are toxic and not supportive.  Now there may be some people that you simply can’t do that with; I get it (i.e. family members).  In this scenario, you will need to figure out some sort of strategy to drown out the noise, or use it as fuel to your fire.  It’s imperative for your success.

  • Meaningful incentive, treat yourself to victories

This is something that I’ve really struggled with throughout my life, yet is something that I continue to improve upon.

Let’s say that your goal is to lose 30lbs.  You promise yourself that if you lose 10 lbs in 60 days that you will take that trip to Cedar Point that you’ve been wanting to go on, but putting off for the last two years.  Your incentive to accomplish that goal (besides the obvious fact that you will feel better, more confident, etc) is that you have an extra meaningful reward at the end of the 60 days when you hit your target.  60 days comes and goes, you lose 12 lbs and the next thing you know you’re screaming your lungs out on Top Thrill Dragster!

  • Set a deadline

Without it, you procrastinate.  You can implement them daily using the Pomodoro Technique (note: you don’t have to use 25 minutes.  Figure out what works best for you.  I tend to work best in 35/10 or 45/15 intervals).  You can set deadlines on a weekly basis using a productivity planner.  Deadlines in the form of 90 day goal setting.  My best advice is to write a personal vision and then use that as your driver for your deadlines and goal setting.


That was a lot of info contained on how to get yourself on track and start taking control of your life, but the one thing that wasn’t discussed was the power of habit building.  Why habit building is so powerful and how to implement it will be the final piece of this series.  Until then, implement some of the techniques and strategies listed above and let me know how it goes!