Coval Fitness- Ann Arbor Trainer | Nutrition & Lifestyle: Exploring Through the Assessment
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Nutrition & Lifestyle: Exploring Through the Assessment

Nutrition & Lifestyle: Exploring Through the Assessment

Sometimes well-intentioned, hard-working folks that we work with believe that simply adding exercise to their routine will “fix” everything.  Sometimes they are right.  Often times they are not.

Working out without improving your lifestyle and nutrition habits is on par with if you’re continuously late for work and think the solution is driving faster to work.  That may work for the short-term, but eventually, it will catch up with you.  Your best bet though is perhaps going to bed a bit earlier, waking up a bit earlier, etc.

We dig deep into your struggles with specific areas of your life during the assessment and figure out the best approach to improving your lifestyle & nutrition, 1 step-at-a-time.  


Check out the video below as we hang out at Fred’s downtown Ann Arbor and touch on how we can help with your nutrition and lifestyle!