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Corrective Excercise


Do you suffer from chronic aches and pains that other trainers ignore, can’t do anything about, or don’t have the resources to help you?

Pain can literally change your entire life.

From the way that you move, perform, and even the way that you think! This is not an optimal or desirable way to live your daily life. This is the reason why we put such a heavy emphasis on the assessment process that we have here at COVAL. We want to help you alleviate those issues so that you can live a pain-free, happy life! In our assessment we go very in-depth with evaluating how your body moves, what joints are limited with their range of motion, and cumulatively how these two things together can resonate in certain areas of the body that are actually causing your pain. Click below to secure a spot for your FREE assessment ($100 value) at the COVAL Fitness & Sports Performance facility and see how we can help you change your life today!

Overcoming Chronic Aches & Pains Success Story

Meet Mauran

Mauran loves training hard and pushing his body, and after years of going at it a bit too hard, he had reached a point where his body couldn’t adapt to all the stress. The knee, low back, shoulders, and elbow pain had prevented him from doing the activities that he loved, like basketball and weightlifting. Listen to his story on how he has been able to bounce back strong and how his back hasn’t felt this good in a over a decade!